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Lakeville Chamber Photo Gallery

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Ribbon Cutting - Pilot Knob Dental
Ribbon Cutting - Pilot Knob Dental20 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Edward Jones (Tyler Kuske)
Ribbon Cutting - Edward Jones (Tyler Kuske)15 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Club Pilates Lakeville
Ribbon Cutting - Club Pilates Lakeville 20 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Dunn Brothers Coffee
Ribbon Cutting - Dunn Brothers Coffee16 photos
2018 Chamber Golf Tournament
2018 Chamber Golf Tournament74 photos
Ribbon Cutting - The Hair Studio
Ribbon Cutting - The Hair Studio17 photos
Ribbon Cutting: Genisys Credit Union
Ribbon Cutting: Genisys Credit Union7 photos
30 Year Anniversary - Country Cabinets
30 Year Anniversary - Country Cabinets11 photos
After Hours - Lakeview Bank's Legacy Awards
After Hours - Lakeview Bank's Legacy Awards5 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Alibi Drinkery
Ribbon Cutting - Alibi Drinkery19 photos
Active Shooter Training
Active Shooter Training11 photos
State of the Business Community
State of the Business Community6 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Reina's
Ribbon Cutting - Reina's20 photos
General Membership Luncheon
General Membership Luncheon7 photos
Ribbon Cutting: Berres Ridge Development
Ribbon Cutting: Berres Ridge Development19 photos
Morning Brew - Firefly Credit Union
Morning Brew - Firefly Credit Union4 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Ellie Family Services
Ribbon Cutting - Ellie Family Services10 photos
2018 Landscape & Home/Consumer Showcase Expo
2018 Landscape & Home/Consumer Showcase Expo152 photos
Ribbon Cutting - The Property Geeks
Ribbon Cutting - The Property Geeks27 photos
Lakeville Women in Business Luncheon - Suzy Sukalski & Erik Therwanger
Lakeville Women in Business Luncheon - Suzy Sukalski & Erik Therwanger13 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Pete Peterson - State Farm Insurance
Ribbon Cutting - Pete Peterson - State Farm Insurance8 photos
2018 Annual Dinner
2018 Annual Dinner57 photos
Ribbon Cutting - Christian Brothers Automotive
Ribbon Cutting - Christian Brothers Automotive17 photos
General Membership Luncheon - Darrell Thompson
General Membership Luncheon - Darrell Thompson21 photos
Ribbon Cutting - The Moments Memory Care
Ribbon Cutting - The Moments Memory Care19 photos
After Hours - MOR Golf
After Hours - MOR Golf19 photos
Morning Brew - Cracker Barrel
Morning Brew - Cracker Barrel7 photos
Professional Educational Programs (PEP) - Jack Stahlmann
Professional Educational Programs (PEP) - Jack Stahlmann1 photos
November WIB Luncheon
November WIB Luncheon9 photos
2017 Fall Gala
2017 Fall Gala140 photos
Crystal Lake Ribbon Cutting
Crystal Lake Ribbon Cutting9 photos
Exit Realty Ribbon Cutting
Exit Realty Ribbon Cutting14 photos
Invigorate Chiropractic
Invigorate Chiropractic26 photos
Align Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting
Align Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting19 photos
Lakeview Bank Ribbon Cutting
Lakeview Bank Ribbon Cutting7 photos
Hypointe Childcare - Ribbon Cutting
Hypointe Childcare - Ribbon Cutting11 photos
Zika Chiropractic - Ribbon Cutting
Zika Chiropractic - Ribbon Cutting18 photos
State of the Schools
State of the Schools11 photos
Education Bowling Tournament
Education Bowling Tournament95 photos
Advanced Dental Care - Ribbon Cutting
Advanced Dental Care - Ribbon Cutting6 photos
Ardmor Village - Ribbon Cutting
Ardmor Village - Ribbon Cutting13 photos
Christian Heritage Academy - Ribbon Cutting
Christian Heritage Academy - Ribbon Cutting31 photos
Rainbow Child Care Center Ribbon Cutting
Rainbow Child Care Center Ribbon Cutting22 photos
 Susan Moynihan Luncheon
Susan Moynihan Luncheon12 photos
Mowers To Blowers Ribbon Cutting
Mowers To Blowers Ribbon Cutting20 photos
July Luncheon - Jay Gubrud
July Luncheon - Jay Gubrud6 photos
MedExpress Urgent Care Ribbon Cutting
MedExpress Urgent Care Ribbon Cutting21 photos
Mandi and Dina Simon Luncheon
Mandi and Dina Simon Luncheon25 photos
Simply Self Storage
Simply Self Storage45 photos
AmericInn Ribbon Cutting
AmericInn Ribbon Cutting18 photos
2017 Lakeville Chamber Golf Classic
2017 Lakeville Chamber Golf Classic133 photos
2017 Tourism Luncheon
2017 Tourism Luncheon80 photos
Lakeview Bank Ground Breaking
Lakeview Bank Ground Breaking18 photos
Schneiderman's Ribbon Cutting
Schneiderman's Ribbon Cutting26 photos
Lakeville Family Pet Ribbon Cutting
Lakeville Family Pet Ribbon Cutting10 photos
AGAPE MEchanical Ribbon Cutting
AGAPE MEchanical Ribbon Cutting28 photos
Chuck & Don's Morning Brew
Chuck & Don's Morning Brew17 photos
Michelle Lockwood Photography Ribbon Cutting
Michelle Lockwood Photography Ribbon Cutting17 photos
411 on the 911 Luncheon
411 on the 911 Luncheon15 photos
MOR Golf and Utility
MOR Golf and Utility24 photos
The Hair Studio
The Hair Studio10 photos
Bowlero Ribbon Cutting
Bowlero Ribbon Cutting10 photos
Waterworks Ribbon Cutting
Waterworks Ribbon Cutting28 photos
Dakota Curling Ribbon Cutting
Dakota Curling Ribbon Cutting39 photos
Dakota Truck Ribbon Cutting
Dakota Truck Ribbon Cutting14 photos
Legends After Hours
Legends After Hours8 photos
Alisha Perkins Luncheon
Alisha Perkins Luncheon23 photos
PEP Series - Erik Therwanger
PEP Series - Erik Therwanger6 photos
2017 Lakeville Landscape & Home Expo
2017 Lakeville Landscape & Home Expo159 photos
Christian Heritage Ground Breaking
Christian Heritage Ground Breaking12 photos
360 Communities Morning Brew
360 Communities Morning Brew 15 photos
State of the Business Community Luncheon
State of the Business Community Luncheon22 photos
2017 Annual Dinner
2017 Annual Dinner55 photos
Boxing & Brews - Title Boxing
Boxing & Brews - Title Boxing24 photos
Ron Schara Luncheon
Ron Schara Luncheon21 photos
Appro & Cerron After Hours
Appro & Cerron After Hours16 photos
Young Professionals Mixer
Young Professionals Mixer21 photos
Holiday Luncheon 2016
Holiday Luncheon 201636 photos
Ambassador Holiday Luncheon
Ambassador Holiday Luncheon17 photos
Cracker Barrel Morning Brew
Cracker Barrel Morning Brew18 photos
November Women In Business Luncheon
November Women In Business Luncheon16 photos
2016 Fall Gala
2016 Fall Gala130 photos
Vantage TV Ribbon Cutting
Vantage TV Ribbon Cutting12 photos
Johnson Companies Morning Brew
Johnson Companies Morning Brew20 photos
Parlour 9 Ribbon Cutting
Parlour 9 Ribbon Cutting13 photos
North American Ribbon Cutting
North American Ribbon Cutting8 photos
2016 State of the Schools Luncheon
2016 State of the Schools Luncheon25 photos
2016 Business Education Bowling Tournament
2016 Business Education Bowling Tournament64 photos
Costco Morning Brew
Costco Morning Brew45 photos
June 2016 Women In Business Luncheon
June 2016 Women In Business Luncheon50 photos
YEA! Graduation Ceremony May 2016
YEA! Graduation Ceremony May 201656 photos